POST account/login

API Call used for login/authtication.

POST account/logout

Call for logging out of the service

GET account/verified

API Call used for checking if user is verified.

POST account/re-send-verification-link?email={email}

No documentation available.

POST account/register

User registration service endpoint. Accepted RegisterClientRequestDto object. If valid, creates new client in database storage.

GET account/confirm-account?userId={userId}&email={email}

Account confirmation service endpoint. Accepts userId (or user token) and user email. If valid, it verifies the user as active.

GET account/confirm-account-web?userId={userId}&email={email}

Account confirmation method for web version. Accepts userId (or user token) and user email. If valid, it verifies the user as active.

GET account/forgot-password?email={email}

Starts the procedure for reseting user password

GET account/set-new-password?oldPassword={oldPassword}&newPassword={newPassword}

Sets new user password

POST account/edit-profile

Updates user profile info

POST account/edit-profile-image

Enables uploading user profile image. Field name is 'profile-image'

GET account/search-users?searchQuery={searchQuery}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Enables searching users based on email and username

GET account/search-by-username?searchQuery={searchQuery}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.

POST account/fb-user-exists

Facebook login and registration

POST account/fb-login

Facebook login and registration

GET account/follow?userId={userId}

Follow user

GET account/unfollow?userId={userId}

Unfollow user

GET account/followers?userId={userId}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Returns a list of all users that follow a given user

GET account/following?userId={userId}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Returns a list of all users that a given user follows

GET account/suggest-users?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Suggests producers to artists and artists to producers to follow

GET account/report?userId={userId}

Report user for inapropriate behavior

DELETE account/delete?userEmail={userEmail}

Delete a user and all his beats and recordings. Only admin privileges.

POST account/subscribe-push

Subscribes the user for receiving push notifications

POST account/unsubscribe-push

Unsubscribes the user from receiving push notifications

POST account/set-push-enable

Enables/disables push notifications for specific user

GET account/notifications?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Retrieves a list of notifications for the user

POST account/remove-user-type?userEmail={userEmail}

Removed the user type for the specified user. Only admin privileges.


GET purchase/purchase-slot?userSecurityToken={userSecurityToken}

Test API call for beat slot purchasing

GET purchase/confirm-purchase-slot?success={success}&userSecurityToken={userSecurityToken}&paymentId={paymentId}&token={token}&PayerID={PayerID}

Execute purchase beats slot

GET purchase/confirm-purchase-beats?success={success}&userSecurityToken={userSecurityToken}&token={token}&referrer={referrer}

Execute purchase beats

POST purchase/purchase-beats

API call for purchasing a paid beat

GET purchase/checkout-beats?userSecurityToken={userSecurityToken}&beatIds={beatIds}&referrer={referrer}

API call for purchasing beats from web

POST purchase/calculate-price

Checkout method

GET purchase/check-beat-slots?numPaidBeats={numPaidBeats}

Checks whether the producer has enough beat slots available to proceed with uploading paid beats


GET comment?beatId={beatId}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Retrieves comments for a specified beat

POST comment/add

Adds a comment to a specified beat

POST comment/edit

Edits the text of a comment

DELETE comment/delete?commentId={commentId}&beatId={beatId}

Removes a comment from a specified beat


GET profile

Returns user profile info

GET profile/user?userId={userId}

Returns another user's profile

GET profile/activity?userId={userId}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Returns a list of items representing the user's recent activity

GET profile/beats?userId={userId}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Returns a list of all posted user beats

GET profile/related-beats?userId={userId}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Returns a list of all beats related to user

GET profile/feed?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Provides the feed for a given user

GET profile/paid-beats?userId={userId}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Returns a list of all the paid beats from a producer

GET profile/purchased-beats?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}&title={title}

Returns a list of all user purchased beats

GET profile/available-beats?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}&title={title}

Returns a list of all user available beats

GET profile/statistics?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Provides standard statistics for user beats

GET profile/paid-statistics?city={city}&country={country}&app={app}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Provides paid statistics for user beats

GET profile/most-popular-beat-stats

Returns the most popular beat from the given producer

GET profile/paid-summary

Returns the total purchases and total earned funds

GET profile/city-country-list

Returns the cities and countries for purchases for a given producer


Controller for all beat related operations

GET library/producers?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

List with producers who have beats

GET library/search?producerName={producerName}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Search results with producers who have beats

GET library/beats?producerId={producerId}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

List with beats by a producer (beat image and beat title)

GET library/newest-artists?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.


GET collection/liked?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Get a collection of liked beats

GET collection/shared?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Get a collection of shared beats

POST collection/view-beat?beatId={beatId}

Increment a beat's views count

POST collection/like-beat?beatId={beatId}

Add a beat to the collection of liked beats

POST collection/share-beat?beatId={beatId}&sharedOn={sharedOn}

Share a beat

POST collection/rate-beat

Implements call for beat rating

DELETE collection/unlike-beat?beatId={beatId}

Remove a beat from the collection of liked beats

DELETE collection/unshare-beat?beatId={beatId}

Undo sharing of a beat


Controller for all beat related operations

GET beat/get?id={id}

GET beat/get-file?userId={userId}&beatId={beatId}

Get beat file

GET beat/insert-download?id={id}

POST beat/save

Create a saved Beat. And upload a saved beat file Parameters: title, author, type, relatedBeatId, description, location, showLocation Type is either 'artist' or 'producer' Location is in format 'city, country' showLocation is a boolean field, 'true' or 'false' Field name for beat: 'beat' Field name for beat image: 'beat-image'

POST beat/save-any

Create a saved Beat. And upload a saved beat file Parameters: title, author, type, relatedBeatId, description, location, showLocation Type is either 'artist' or 'producer' Location is in format 'city, country' showLocation is a boolean field, 'true' or 'false' Field name for beat: 'beat' Field name for beat image: 'beat-image'

POST beat/upload

Method for uploading multiple beats (only for web)

POST beat/upload-details

Method for uploading beats details (only for web)

GET beat/lyrics-for-beat?beatId={beatId}

Gets the user lyrics for the specified beat

POST beat/add-lyrics

Adds lyrics to a beat and saves to the user's playlist

POST beat/edit-lyrics

Edits lyrics

GET beat/report?beatId={beatId}

Enables users to report inapropriate content

GET beat/search?beatName={beatName}&beatHashtag={beatHashtag}&location={location}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

API call for searching beats containing the search query in its name, description or location

GET beat/search-location?location={location}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

API call for searching all locations

GET beat/search-hashtags?hashtag={hashtag}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

API call for searching all hashtags

DELETE beat/delete?beatId={beatId}

Deletes a beat

GET beat/top-50?size={size}

Returns the top 50 most liked recordings

GET beat/view?id={id}

View a savedBeat. No authorization required. Can be used for sharing content.

GET beat/newest-beats?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.

GET beat/most-liked-videos?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.

GET beat/most-discussed-videos?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.


POST admin/login

No documentation available.

GET admin?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.

POST admin/register

No documentation available.

GET admin/search-users?searchQuery={searchQuery}&startDate={startDate}&endDate={endDate}&userType={userType}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.

POST admin/update-user-access?userId={userId}&isActive={isActive}

No documentation available.

POST admin/edit

No documentation available.

POST admin/delete

No documentation available.

GET admin/export-as-excel?searchQuery={searchQuery}&startDate={startDate}&endDate={endDate}&userType={userType}&page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.

GET admin/beats?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.

GET admin/recording-beats?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

No documentation available.


GET playlist?page={page}&pageSize={pageSize}

Get my playlist

POST playlist/add-beat?beatId={beatId}

Add a Beat to a users Playlist.

DELETE playlist/remove-beat?beatId={beatId}

Remove Beat from a users playlist


POST export

No documentation available.


GET app/about-us

Returns the About Us screen

GET app/terms-of-use

Returns the Terms of Use screen

GET app/privacy-policy

Returns the Privacy Policy screen

GET app/pricing-policy

Returns the Pricing Policy screen